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Serendipitous Rainlilies
"I can, with one eye squinted, take it all as a blessing." - Flannery O'Connor
The Doctor in his TARDIS 
12th-Mar-2011 10:35 am
This was going to be a rant on the latest interview from John Fay, one of the writers for the new series of Torchwood. In his interview, Fay went on again about how no one is safe in the world of Torchwood, anyone can and will die. This week's sad events in Japan and Libya put his words into perspective, and made this interview even sillier and more vacuous than when I first read it. With so much death and misery in the world, I really can't get worked up anymore about Russell T. Davies's continued wanking on about character death. So for now on, TW is in the past and the future is the very excellent Doctor Who, and for me, a particularly intriguing bit of scene caught on video yesterday.

In episode 12, which appears to be a continuation of 'The Lodger', there is a very small moment where the Doctor approaches the TARDIS, and strokes it gently. He's wearing his new coat of awesome, and a Stetson, like the one River shot off his head in the series opener. The gesture itself is tender, his demeanor reflective, even sad, perhaps, and then it looks as though he turns to look at someone approaching, or calling him.

This makes me wonder to whom it is he's turning - River, perhaps, since he's wearing that Stetson, and hats are sort of a running joke with them. And, as he is about to enter the TARDIS alone, where are Amy and Rory? Finally, the tenderness in the way he strokes the TARDIS says so much about their relationship. It reminds me of a cowboy patting his beloved horse, but it's more than that, I suspect. It's acknowledging how much the TARDIS must have gone through since series 5, and the relationship the Doctor has with it, which is very much more than man and machine.

There's so much here, making me think this is going to be a spectacular series, but not all giggles, perhaps, which is fine, because the Doctor and his TARDIS are in the hands of someone who can appreciate and write. authentic emotional depth.
12th-Mar-2011 10:29 pm (UTC)
So John Fay exists? I had my doubts. :)

I haven't read his interview; I mostly skip past the bits and pieces about CoE2, only occasionally tripping over some pile of.....Erm. You know.

But I'm not surprised to hear that the theme, once again, is going to be Guess Who Dies Next? Sadly, it seems the only way Rusty and his minions can frame a story: the audience merely tunes in for a death watch.

I have no objections to death's being part of a storyline. However, I do object to when it's made into a cheap entertainment--when the whole point of watching a show is supposed to be betting on which series regular bites the dust this week.

On the other hand--I'm really liking the glimpses of DW6, and I'm really looking forward to it. There look to be very funny bits, very scary bits--and a significant dose of very emotional moments. I can't even begin to guess how Moffat's putting it all together, but I am looking forward to seeing how he does it.
13th-Mar-2011 01:27 am (UTC)
Yeah, John Fay actually exists, and I even double checked to ensure this wasn't an old interview about CoE, but it wasn't. It was about the latest TW, and guess what? The hype now sounds exactly like the hype then, minus the obvious to me now BS about a great love story. I don't call lying next to each other in a makeshift morgue the culmination of a great love story.

I'm starting to find the whole thing funny, like a Monty Python sketch with "death" substituted for "spam". Same thing, really. I can predict already the shocks will be people who should have died from horrific injuries remaining alive and screaming, elderly patients going on and on, and so on. And then there's the mad dashing between continents to solve this puzzle, which won't be complete without the black ops helicopters and lots of talking on mobile phones.

I would welcome a story about immortality if it was treated in the same way as a Twilight Zone story, in other words, if it was logical, or lyrical, and it meant something afterwards. But that's not what I think we're getting here - we're getting what the ancient Romans got: bread and circuses with the perquisite gore. And maybe I shouldn't judge before seeing it, but after reading Fay's remarks and Rusty's, it's pretty obvious this is just the same old, same old in another country with new faces and accents.

And that is, in a nutshell, why I'm so looking forward to the next series of DW where there will be actual stories that mean something, and while people will die, they won't be dying to provide ratings boosts.

Edited at 2011-03-13 01:29 am (UTC)
13th-Mar-2011 01:36 am (UTC)
Well, at least they're sparing everyone the BS about "sweet" love stories....

I saw the photo of Gwen with the rocket launcher again. I still have no idea if that's some fan's joke, mocking Rusty's propensity for handing women very large....weapons. If it's for real, it's 20 times as funny, because, yet again, Rusty's handing a woman a very large....weapon. Not to mention that Gwen appears to be pointing it at her team.

Which might be the biggest plot spoiler of all.


13th-Mar-2011 05:12 am (UTC)
Ha, no - no false 'sweet love story' come ons this time, mercifully, although Jack has a one night stand with a young bartender from DC. Yeah, and no one saw that coming. I wonder if the bartender will be snuffed, too, just so Jack can be alone once again?

Gwen and a rocket launcher. Thatt reminds me of the infamous photo of Dan Quayle holding the rocket launcher the wrong way that I once had hanging on my cubicle wall.

LOL to the biggest plot spoiler of all!

Rusty and Very Large Weapons ... 'nuff said.
13th-Mar-2011 11:02 am (UTC)
I'm suspecting that CoE2 will be full of unintentional LOL moments like the rocket launcher.

Good luck to them with that....In the meantime: countdown to DW6 has begun.
13th-Mar-2011 03:06 pm (UTC)
One of the biggest LOL moments will be the sheer amount of people who don't get Starz. Oops.

Apart from that, from the publicity photos and videos, I don't think anyone who's expecting loads of lulz will be disappointed.

Better to watch DW, where the LOLS are part of the plot, not the plot itself. That goes into another reason why I love the show - it can terrify me and make me laugh at the same time. As far as I'm concerned, that's perfect entertainment, right there.
13th-Mar-2011 08:45 pm (UTC)
I'm so excited for DW6. I had my (severe) doubts when Moffat was announced as the replacement for Rusty, and was even more dubious when Matt Smith was announced....

I've never been so happy to be so wrong!

DW5 showed me that any doubts I had were totally unwarranted. Every glimpse of DW6 promises even more than what DW5 delivered. The show is in the hands of a master storyteller now, and, as for Smith....Wow. I'm stunned that it's possible for anyone to have that much talent.
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